Russian Academy of Sciences Laboratory of Computer Aided Integrated Systems
Report Laboratory 1998

Head of Laboratory - Dr.Sci.(Techn.), Prof. Alexander V. Smirnov - intelligent configuration management of manufacturing systems.

Laboratory Staff - 14 members and 3 Post-graduate students

Research Fellows

Dr.Sci.(Tech.) Vasily V. Popovich - object oriented modeling theory for decision making

Cand.Sci.(Techn.) Oleg Yu. Gusikhin schedule and control methods for manufacturing systems

Cand.Sci.(Techn.) Anatoliy S. Kulinich object-oriented information environments for decision making

Cand.Sci.(Techn.) Leonid B. Sheremetov modeling and control of complex systems

Cand.Sci.(Techn.) Vladimir M. Shpakov - hybrid dynamic systems modeling and simulation for purpose of production processes control system software design,.

MS in Electronic. Michael. P. Pashkin internet-based technologies for group decision support systems

MS in Electronic. Irina O. Rakhmanova group decision making for quality evaluation of organization and technical solution.

MS in Math. Anna V. Pankova information technologies for knowledge management.

Post-graduate Students

Pavel A. Turbin Object-Oriented Models for Structured Objects Configuring.

Nikolai G. Shilov - Methods and Tools for Virtual Enterprises Configuring.

Michael V. Shpakov Modeling and Simulation of Business Processes.

MS Diploma Projects

St. Petersburg State Technical University: Shilov N. (M.S. Thesis) MS Office97-based Tools for Economic Analysis of Enterprises. Supervisor - Smirnov A.

University Courses

St. Petersburg State Technical University, Department of Economics and Management - Information Technologies for Economics (A. Smirnov); Computer Science and Programming (V. Shpakov).

St. Petersburg State Electrical Engineering University, Department of Research Automation - Decision Support Systems in Manufacturing, Corporate Information Systems (A. Smirnov)


The 8th IFAC/IFORS/IMACS/IFIP Symposium on Large Scale Systems: Theory & Applications (LSS98), Patras, Greece, 1998 A. Smirnov

The Second Conference on Integration in Manufacturing (IiM98),Göteborg, Sweden, 1998 - A. Smirnov

The International Conference of the Claude-Bernard University of Lyon (CCM98). Lyon, France, 1998 - A. Smirnov

The IEEE/ECLA/IFIP International Conference on Architectures and Design Methods for Balanced Automation Systems (BASYS98). Prague, 1998 - L. Sheremetov

The 5th International Conference on Advanced Computer Systems (ACS98), Szczecin, Poland, 1998 - M.Pashkin , I.Rakhmanova

The 6th St.Petersburg Internetional Conference "Regional Informatics - 98", St. Petersburg, 1998 - I. Rakhmanova, N. Shilov, V. Shpakov

International Co-operation

Smirnov A. scientific visit to City University (London, UK) according the project Advanced Methodologies and Tools for Manufacturing Systems (European Community Copernicus, CP-96-0026)

Pashkin M., Rakhmanova I. scientific visit to the Systems Research Institute of Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw, Poland according agreement between Russian and Polish Academy of Sciences

Gusikhin O. Project Manager in area of plant automation, Ford Motor Company (USA)

Koulinitch A. Visiting Professor, Head of Division of Post Graduate Department of Technological University of the Mixteca (Mexico)

Sheremetov L. Visiting Professor, Researcher of the Centre of Computational Research, National Technical Institute ( Mexico)

Membership in International Societies

Smirnov A. - Member of Advisory Committee of International Journal of Agile Manufacturing, USA

Sheremetov L. - Member of the National System of Researchers (Mexico); Member of the ACM; Member of the Mexican Society of Artificial Intelligence; Member of the Editorial Board of the scientific journal Temas en ciencia y tecnologia" (Mexico)


Smirnov A. Russian Federation Government Scientific Scholarship in Computer Science for 1997-2000 ; Professor, granted by the Russian Federation Ministry of General and Professional Education, subject area: Research Automation

Sheremetov L. Scholarship of National System of Researchers (Mexico)

Research Activities

Design, management and control of manufacturing systems: group decision making, distributed control, object-oriented data bases, corporate knowledge management, configuration management of manufacturing systems.

Recent Results

1. A technology for intelligent configuration management of manufacturing systems was developed [1-16]. General areas of this technology applications are (i) business process re-engineering, (ii) virtual enterprises creation, and (iii) state/city government orders management. This technology was realized as WINDOWS environment based on such technologies as (i) knowledge management, (ii) object-oriented dynamic constraint networks for knowledge representation, (iii) reusable engineering, and (iv) group decision making.
2. A hybrid dynamic system modeling and simulation approach was developed in 1998. The approach is based on unification of situation evolution representation of both discrete-event and continuous processes. This approach implementation connects with creation of rule-based executable specifications of discrete and continuous state transformation algorithms taking into account their mutual influence. A new version of integrated simulation model development environment (Envicon2) was worked out in 1998. The environment works under Windows 95 and uses its interface standards. Envicon2 make it possible to specify control system and object models. It supports their simultaneous simulating in real and model time. Envicon2 has some service means to facilitate development and investigation of hybrid dynamic models. Simulation of a number of discrete-continuous systems was carried out with the purpose of testing the environment, some of the system using fuzzy logical control algorithms. Rules were proposed for specification of Boolean variables which value determines the direction of situation change. It was pointed out usefulness of such variables for production processes specification.
We began to work out multi-agent information technology for business process co-ordination and an environment for information systems development. Analysis of possible system structures and substantiation of proposed global system architecture were fulfilled. Some agent structures and their functioning specification approach were developed.
3. Mathematical model of organization and technical solutions quality evaluations by experts' group has been designed. This model is based on scenario editor. There are 4 main components of scenario editor: preferences scales, normalization functions, conformation functions, aggregation functions [8-10, 14]. The formal model was validated on real data during practice experiences. Results of these experiences are performed in [8, 9]. Models and methods designed were proposed as informational and methodological support for business process reengineering problems solving [4, 10, 16]. The next stage of scientific developments is Internet-based implementation of distributed computer environment PQE [11].


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