Russian Academy of Sciences Laboratory of Computer Aided Integrated Systems
Publications 2012

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1. Smirnov A., Levashova T., Kashevnik A., Shilov N. Context-Aware Web-Service Coordination for Emergency Response in Smart Environment // Situational Awareness for Assistive Technologies; eds. by M. Bhatt, H. W. Guesgen. Vol. 14 of Ambient Intelligence and Smart Environments, IOS Press, 2012. P. 165–186.


• In Russian

2. Shilov N. Decision Support Problems of Flexible Networked Organizations Configuration // SPIIRAS Proceedings, 2012, Issue 3 (22). P. 224-233 (in Russian)
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13. Paskin M., Smirnov A., Using Contextual Models to Configure Insurance Products anf Policies // Artificial Intelligent and Decision Making, 2012, Ή 4. P. 26 – 36 (in Russian)

• International Journals

14. Smirnov A., Levashova T., Shilov N. Configuration of Ad hoc Multimodal Logistic Networks: Approach and Technological Framework // Intern. Journal of Mass Customisation, Vol. 4, Ή 3/4, 2012. P. 208–219.
15. Smirnov A., Levashova T., Shilov N., Kashevnik A. Integration of Up-to-Date Technologies for Emergency Response // Intern. Journal on Advances in Intelligent Systems, Vol. 5, Ή 1 & 2, 2012. P. 101–110.
16. Krizhanovsky A. A Quantitative Analysis of the English Lexicon in
Wiktionaries and WordNet // Intern. Journal of Intelligent Information
Technologies, October-December 2012, Vol. 8, Ή 4. P. 13–22.
17. Smirnov A. Sheremetov L. Models of Coalition Formation among Cooperative Agents: The Current State and Prospects of Research // Intern. Journal of Scientific and Information Processing, 2012, Vol. 39, Ή 5. P. 283–292.

In Conference Proceedings

• Russian Conferences

18. Smirnov A., Levashova T., Shilov N., Kashevnik. Web-Based Emergency Response Community Organization in Smart Space // Proc. of the 9th All-Russian School-Workshop on Applied Problems of Macro-System Management, Apatiti, Russia, March 26-30, 2012. P. 66–67 (in Russian)
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21. Smirnov A., Shilov N., Major Building Principles of Context-Oriented Group Recommending Systems // Proc. of the Int. Congress on Intelligent Systems and Information Technologies (IS&IT 2012), Divnomorskoe, Russia, September 2-9, 2012. P. 26–33 (in Russian)
22. Krizhanovsky A., Lugovaya N., Kruglov V. Extraction and Analysis of Work Dates in On-Line Dictionary Citations Corps // Proc. of the 6th Intern. Conf. on Information Technologies and Written Heritage (El'Manuscript-12), Petrozavodsk, Russia, September 3-8, 2012. P. 137–142. (in Russian)
23. Kashevnik A., Teslya N. Modern Building Principles of Context Based Access Control Systems for Smart Space Resources // Proc. of the 20th Intern. Conf. on Control Problems of Complex Systems Safety (December 22, 2012, Moscow, Russia). P. 208–211 (in Russian)

• International Conferences

24. Krizhanovsky A., Feiyu Lin, Sandkuhl K., Shilov N., Smirnov A., Tarasov V. Logistics-as-a-Service: Ontology-Based Architecture and Approach // Proρ. of the 10th Intern. Conf. on Operation Research (ICOR-2012), Habana, Cuba, March 6-9, 2012. 1 CD-ROM.
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39. Shpakov V. Ρryogenic Helium Installation Simulation Model: Approaches to Implementation and Usage // Proc. of the 10th Intern. Industrial Simulation Conference, June 4-6, 2012, Brno, Czech Republic, eds. V. Janousek and S. Kvetonova. Vol. I. P. 101-105.
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Intellectual Properties

S. Balandin, S. Boldyrev, I. J. Oliver, T. Turenko, A.V. Smirnov, N. G. Shilov, A. M. Kashevnik "Method and Apparatus for Ontology Matching", US 2012/0078595 A1, March 2012