Russian Academy of Sciences Laboratory of Computer Aided Integrated Systems
Conferences 2001

  • IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man and Cybernetics “e-Systems and e-Man for Cybernetics in Cyberspace”, Tucson, Arizona, October 7-10, 2001. – A. Smirnov
  • International Conferences on Info-tech & Info-net (ICII’2001), Beijing, China, Oct.29 - Nov.1, 2001. –Chilov N., and T. Levashova
  • Second International Workshop of Central and Eastern Europe on Multi-Agent Systems (CEEMAS’2001), Krakow, Poland, September 26-29, 2001. – M. Pashkin
  • Congress on Artificial Intelligence in 21st Century. Divnomorskoe, Russia, September 3-8, 2001. – A. Smirnov
  • 3rd International Conference on Enterprise Information Systems (ICEIS’2001). Setubal, Portugal, July 7-10, 2001. – A. Smirnov
  • 7th International Conference on Concurrent Enterprising (ICE’2001). Bremen, Germany, June 27-29, 2001. – A. Smirnov
  • International NAISO Congress on Information Science Innovations (ISI’2001), Symposium on Intelligent Automated Manufacturing (IAM’2001), Dubai, U.A.E., March 17-21, 2001. – A. Smirnov
  • Second Interregional Conference on Information Security of Russian Regions (ISRR-2001), St.Petersburg, 2001– Y. Ivakin