Russian Academy of Sciences Laboratory of Computer Aided Integrated Systems
Grants and Projects 2010

  • Smirnov A. – Theoretical Foundations and Intelligent Models of Decision Support System for Flexible Networked Organization Management (Presidium of Russian Academy of Sciences – Research Program on Intelligent Information Technologies, Mathematical Modelling, System Analysis and Automation, 2009-2011, project 213)
  • Smirnov A., Levashova T. – Development of Principles and Innovation Information Technologies for User Interaction with Intelligent Environment (Federal Program “Scientific and Scientific-Pedagogical Specialists of Innovation Russia”, 2010-2012 – the ¹ 14.740.11.0357, with Dr.Sci. A. Ronzhin’ lab, SPIIRAS)
  • Kashevnik A. - Theoretical and technological Foundations of Context-Oriented Knowledge management in Intelligent Environment (the Russian Foundation for Basic Research, 2010-2012 - the grant ¹ 10-07-00368)
  • Smirnov A. – Conceptual and Scenario Models of Self-Contextualised Decision Support Systems (the Russian Foundation for Basic Research, 2008-2010 - the grant ¹ 08-07-00264)
  • Shilov N. – Ontology-Oriented Flexible Networked Organization Management (the Russian Foundation for Basic Research, 2009-2011 - the grant ¹ 09-07-00436)
  • Shpakov V. - Models and Methods of Intelligent Support of Complex Adaptive Systems Monitoring, Diagnostic and Control (the Russian Foundation for Basic Research, 2008-2010 - the grant ¹ 08-07-00252)
  • Smirnov A., Levashova T. – Methods and Models of Decision Support for Disaster Response (the Russian Foundation for Basic Research, 2009-2010 - the grant 09-07-12111-ofi-m, with Prof. A. Petrovsky’ lab, Institute of System Analysis of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow).
  • Shilov N. – Complex Models of Web-Service Based Adaptive Supply Chain Management (the Russian Foundation for Basic Research, 2009-2011, 09-07-00066-à, with Prof.B. Sokolov’ lab, SPIIRAS)
  • Krizhanovsky A. – Automatic Building of Thesaurus and Machine-Readable Dictionary Based on the Wiktionary Lexicographical Data (St. Petersburg City Government Grant for Young PhD Researchers, 2010)
  • Smirnov A. – Context-Based Retrieval in Digital Libraries (The Swedish Institute, 2010-20129)
  • Smirnov A., Shilov N. – Ontology-Based New Order Code Generation (FESTO, Germany, 2010-2011)
  • Smirnov A., Shilov N. – Smart Logistics (Nokia Research Center, Finland, 2010)
  • Smirnov A., Kashevnik A. –Smart Conference (Nokia Research Center, Finland, 2010-2011)