Russian Academy of Sciences Laboratory of Computer Aided Integrated Systems
Grants and Projects 2001

  • Smirnov A. Rapid Knowledge Fusion in the Scalable Infosphere. ISTC-EOARD, project 1993P
  • Popovich V. Advanced Techniques for Search Problems of Multi-Sensor Data Fusion. - ISTC-EOARD, project 1993P
  • Smirnov A. - Multi-Agent Environment for Rapid Knowledge Integration from Distributed Sources (Presidium of Russian Academy of Sciences Research Program on Intelligent Computer-Aided Systems, 2001-2003 - project 4.4)
  • Smirnov A. Integrated System for Staff Training and Basic Research in Computer Science (Russian Ministry of General and Professional Education Government Support of Higher Education and Science Integration for 1997-2000, No. 142)
  • Smirnov A. - CE-Net-NoE - Concurrent Enterprising (European Community Research Program on Information Society Technologies, 2000-2003 project IST-1999-29107)
  • Smirnov A. Advanced Methods of Computer-Based Decision Making for Business Process Reengineering (in Industrial Enterprises (Joint Research Program of Polish and Russian Academies of Sciences for 1999-2001 No. 57)
  • Smirnov A. Competence Network for Simulation Applications (The Swedish Institute, project CONSA)