Curriculum Vitae


Citizenship: Russian
Date and place of birth: July 14, 1970, Sumy, Ukraine, USSR
Marital status: Married, one child


39, 14th line, SPIIRAS, St.Petersburg, 199178, Russia
Phone: +7(812)328-8071
Fax: +7(812) 328-0685
E-mail: michael@iias.spb.su


2005: PhD in Computer Science, St.Petersburg Institute for Informatics and Automation of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia, Computer Aided Integrated Systems Laboratory
Subject area: "Software for computers, computer systems and networks"
1992: Masters degree, St.Petersburg State University, St.Petersburg, Russia, Mathematics and mechanics faculty
Subject area: mathematics and applied mathematics.


1994 Present: St.Petersburg Institute for Informatics and Automation of the Russian Academy of Sciences (SPIIRAS), Computer-Aided Integrated Systems Laboratory
Position: researcher, senior software developer, project manager, PhD student.
Scientific areas:
Decision support systems;
Multi agent systems;
Knowledge management;
Ontology management;
Data and knowledge fusion.
Main projects:
Manage of the task Intelligent Access to Catalog and Documents of the joint German-Russian project. The project deals with corporate knowledge management utilization and customer service management. The software package developed in the framework of the project can be considered as a part of corporate customer relations management system. The project has fundamental and practical implications.
Manage of the task Rapid Knowledge Fusion in the Scalable Infosphere of the Project 1993P Mathematical Basis of Knowledge Discovery and Autonomous Intelligent Architectures carried out according to the agreement between European Office of Aerospace Research and Development (EOARD), The International Science and Technology Center (ISTC) and SPIIRAS. The project deals with knowledge management. The project has fundamental implications.
Participation in the development of Internetbased decision support system for project quality evaluation MultiExpert. The project has mostly fundamental implications.
Environments and tools: Java, JADE, Jess, MS Visual Studio 6.0 and higher (Visual C++, Visual Basic, Visual FoxPro), ADO, DAO, ODBC, JDBC, ActiveX, MS Access, Windows based Web-servers, COM-technology, JavaScript, ILOG, XML, DAML+OIL, OWL, UML.
1992-1994 Commercial firm Vitex-Baltica.
Position: Programmer, Senior programmer and later Leader of software department.
Team leader;
Project manager;
Problem originator;
Senior programmer.
Main projects:
Client-server applications for personal departments of Rovno and Tver nuclear power stations;
Special library for Btrieve data proceeding using FoxPro 2.0 environment.
Environments: Watcom C 8.0, Borland C 2.0, FoxPro 2.0, Btrieve 5.0, Netware SQL 3.0.
1991-1992 Petrodvorets health protection department.
Position: Operator and later Computer specialist.
Developing databases and obtaining data for them;
Support of existing software.
Main projects: problems of medicine management software.
Environments: Clipper 5.0, FrameWork III.
1991-1992 Joint Soviet British company Computer Systems and Technologies.
Position: programmer.
Duties: member of programmer team.
Main projects: ASM 85 compiler.
Environments: Modula-2, Assembler.
Other: Participation in several projects as programmer, problem originator, expert and software support person. The main projects are:
Satori program for advertising firm automation. It provides unique tools for clients price lists gathering, proceeding them and forming dummy layout using linear programming methods. It works with graphic files (JPEG and TIFF), DBF files and Microsoft Word Files.
AVC Audio Video Center for small warehouse and shop automation.
Participation in exhibitions and special seminars, reading of special literature and news. Assembling, testing and preparation of personal computers and servers. External courses on English and German languages.


2001: Summer School on Software Architecture, 13-17, August, Turku, Finland
1994-1997: PhD student, Institute for Informatics and Automation of Russian Academy of Sciences (SPIIRAS), Computer-Aided Integrated Systems Laboratory, St.Petersburg, Russia.
Subjects: distributed computer systems, group decision support systems, multi-agent systems, distributed databases.
1987-1992: Student, Leningrad State University, Mathematics and mechanics faculty, software engineering department, Leningrad, USSR (later Saint-Petersburg, Russia).
Subjects: mathematics, databases, expert systems, systems theory.
Master degree in mathematics

Since my graduation from SPb State University I have participated in complex software projects devoted to development of multi-user distributed environments. Simultaneously I have worked as a researcher in this area. From my point of view there is a big gap between theoretical approaches and practical implementation in real systems.
I have attended several scientific conferences. The most of presented papers were devoted to theoretical approaches and have never been implemented. Our approach devoted to corporate knowledge management and customer relationship management is an implementation of the developed theoretical approach to knowledge logistics based on the knowledge fusion.
I have got an experience not only in the software development but also in hardware and mobile devices tuning.